20 Braving Hurricane Irma with Humor: Floridians Who Triumphed and Ruled the Internet

Braving Hurricane Irma with Humor

Braving Hurricane Irma with Humor: When Hurricane Irma struck hard, the people of Florida remained resilient, showcasing remarkable strength and an unexpected tool – humor. With unwavering courage, these locals didn’t succumb to the chaos; instead, they found solace in laughter and surprised the world with their comedic flair. As the storm’s mighty winds and relentless rain persisted, Floridians responded with resourcefulness and determination. Through clever signs like “Irmageddon” and cheerful social media updates, they harnessed humor as their shield against adversity.

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Braving Hurricane Irma with Humor: This unique approach highlights a community unwavering in times of crisis, proving that even amid the storm’s fury, a shared smile can illuminate a path to strength and unity.

  1. 1 FEMA: Irma is "going to devastate the United States"

  2. 2 "Thanks Irma!"

  3. 3 Morning after irma

  4. 4 Hey irma, North Korea is that way

  5. 5 Irma please accept this offering

  6. 6 I had a feeling that somebody is gonna end up mentioning the avatar

  7. 7 Florida Man sits outside during Irma

  8. 8 Pokémon go trying to murder people

  9. 9 My Coke bottle that I got out of the vending machine had the name "Irma" on it today.

  10. 10 Comic relief in my hometown

  11. 11 Gone surfing

  12. 12 Hanging with my cousin from PA during Irma. We sent this to his mom.

  13. 13 Looters welcome combat marine needs therapy

  14. 14 My cousin in law saw this today

  15. 15 Crackin open a cold one with irma and the boys

  16. 16 Vault-tec vs irma

  17. 17 Payin it safe in hurricane Irma

  18. 18 Irma sign in oakland park

  19. 19 My father Iis hurricane ready!

  20. 20 This man out there looking like he's delivering the Krusty Krab Pizza

    In times of crisis, humor becomes a beacon of hope, uniting people in a common cause – to weather the storm together, both literally and metaphorically. The resilience and camaraderie displayed by Floridians as they wielded their sense of humor against Hurricane Irma is a testament to the power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity with a smile.