Peek Behind the Comic Curtain: Meet the Couple Bringing Everyday Married Life to Hilarious Heights (38 Photos)

Art has a unique way of capturing the essence of everyday life, allowing us to see the beauty in the mundane and ordinary. One artist who excels in this realm is Jude Devir, known for his heartwarming illustrations of his everyday life with his wife. Through his art, he brings to life the simple, yet deeply relatable moments that define the beauty of companionship and love.

In this post, we’ll explore the delightful world of Jude Devir and his touching illustrations that celebrate the magic of everyday life with his wife.

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  1. 1 Good morning

  2. 2 Let's go to the beach!

  3. 3 She's got my back!

  4. 4 Bad hair day

  5. 5 Everything I can do she can do better!

  6. 6 Holiday leftovers

  7. 7 My wifeinator!

  8. 8 My hot wife!

  9. 9 Mini vacation

  10. 10 Sweet dreams

  11. 11 Every morning

    Jude Devir is an Israeli illustrator and graphic designer who has garnered widespread acclaim for his endearing artwork. His journey into the world of illustration began when he met his wife, Maya. As a way to document their life together, Jude began creating charming and humorous illustrations depicting their everyday experiences.

  12. 12 Watching wwe with my wife

  13. 13 Travel pillow

  14. 14 Happy feet

  15. 15 Knocking on heavens door

  16. 16 Ikea

  17. 17 God damn what a movie!

  18. 18 Series killer

  19. 19 A walk in the park

  20. 20 Valentine's day

  21. 21 Love Hurts!

  22. 22 How it's always my turn to do the dishes??

  23. 23 The sound of silence

  24. 24 My mush bachelorette party!

  25. 25 We saw Avengers: Infinity War…twice!

    One of his most celebrated series of illustrations revolves around the journey of parenthood. From the excitement of discovering they were expecting to the sleepless nights and chaotic days of raising a child, Jude Devir's illustrations resonate with parents worldwide. The honesty and vulnerability in his art make it easy for viewers to connect with the emotional rollercoaster of parenthood.

  26. 26 Day at the bus

  27. 27 The scarf

  28. 28 Typical night out...

  29. 29 My wife's concept of working out together

  30. 30 We saw logan

  31. 31 Beach body

  32. 32 Everytime i think of shaving

  33. 33 Still searching for apartment

  34. 34 Her magic touch

  35. 35 Lightweight

  36. 36 For those curious about the faces behind the artistry, behold these delightful 'Birthday Special' illustrations that offer a peek into the real-life personas of the artist and his wife.

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  37. 37

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  38. 38

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    Jude Devir's illustrations of everyday life with his wife are a testament to the power of art to touch the heart and soul. His ability to find beauty in the ordinary and convey the essence of love and togetherness is truly remarkable. Through his art, he reminds us all to treasure the moments that make life meaningful and to celebrate the love that enriches our daily lives. Jude Devir's illustrations serve as a heartwarming reminder that life's most beautiful moments are often found in the simple, everyday experiences shared with the ones we love.