Ink and Laughter: 20 Unconventional Test Comments Revealing Teachers’ Playful Side

Test CommentsTest Comments: The mere mention of receiving a graded test can trigger unexpected waves of dread, even long after leaving school. Memories of anxiety and unease might resurface, creating that pit in your stomach. But fear not, as some teachers have mastered the art of infusing humor into the situation by adding witty test comments, jokes, and even quirky drawings to those dreaded test papers.

Thankfully, the advent of cameras and the internet has immortalized these creative teacher moments. So, get cozy, set aside your worries about test questions, and take a scroll through this delightful compilation of what we can only call “teacher humor.” Don’t forget to show your appreciation by upvoting your favorites and sharing your own amusing experiences in the comments below!



  1. 1 Brother of a friend turned in this "one page essay" thinking he had beat the system. Teacher had fun with it

  2. 2 So my algebra teacher is a huge LOTR fan. So to add to his collection... I got him the stamp to rule them all

  3. 3 Seniors post this message on their teacher's door. End up looking stupid.

  4. 4 My high school English teacher posted this on Facebook today.

  5. 5 This teacher knows what’s important.

  6. 6 My roommate is a teacher. This is how he graded this 10th graders math test.

  7. 7 This teacher knows memes

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  8. 8 Friend of mine's math teacher responds to a doodle he drew on his test

  9. 9 Ripped a hole in my math test. What my teacher drew:

  10. 10 My Calc teacher bombed my golf course on my test...

  11. 11 My cousin is a teacher, and posted this today

  12. 12 My math teacher has a stamp of his face that he uses on people’s tests if they do well.

  13. 13 My son's teacher is proud of me.

  14. 14 Drew this on the back of a quiz I took. My teacher responded.

  15. 15 I have a tradition with my teacher to draw each other memes on exams so here is another one

  16. 16 One of my students gave me no data on their assessment. I gave them something as a present

  17. 17 Well it was worth a try

  18. 18 This teacher

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  19. 19 Bless this teacher

  20. 20 Why are there rings on Saturn?

    Test comments that showcase a sense of humor demonstrate the dedication of teachers in creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. By infusing their feedback with wit, educators inspire students to embrace their mistakes as stepping stones to progress and growth. These humorous moments create strong teacher-student connections, ease test anxiety, and encourage creativity. The impact of such test comments extends beyond the classroom, leaving students with fond memories of their educational journey. As we celebrate teachers who sprinkle humor into their feedback, let us remember the power of laughter in fostering a love for learning and creating transformative educational experiences.